Sunday, June 10, 2012

Drip Irrigation is Awesome!

A drip irrigation system in the garden can make the life of the gardener much easier.  Here in Utah we have hot summers - high temperatures from June through August, often with low humidity.  Waterwise plants might need water only once every week or two.  The vegetable garden, however, will need regular deep watering twice or three times a week (depending on your soil).   Here are some of the benefits of a drip irrigation system:
 -   Water more efficiently:  You are not spraying water everywhere, just on the plants that need it.
 -   Better weed control:  You are not spraying water everywhere and watering weeds and weed seeds.
 -   Avoid wasting water:  You are not spraying water everywhere allowing it to evaporate.
 -  Save time and effort:  Once it is set up, a drip system will do the watering for you.  Even better, set it up with an automatic timer!

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