Friday, July 13, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Progress

The pumpkin patch at the community garden is coming along nicely.  It has enjoyed the heat and I noticed that some plants are flowering.  The windy days a few weeks ago killed some plants - just broke them right off.  The good news is, I have seen very few squash bugs.  Robins and other birds like to hang out in the pumpkin patch and I'm hoping they will eat any squash bugs that might show up.  We have two surviving plants of "Dill's Atlantic Giant" on one side of the garden.  Those are the huge pumpkins that people grow for contests. They can get as big as volkswagens!  We will give them extra water and see how they do.
Pumpkin Patch Early June

Pumpkin Patch Late June

Pumpkin Patch July 8

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