Thursday, September 13, 2012

Japanese Maples - For Color, Texture and Interest!

Japanese Maples do well in Utah and can be a great addition to a waterwise garden, and especially to a Japanese garden.  There are several hundred varieties of Japanese Maples, varying in size, shape and color.  As a focal point or accent plant, Japanese Maples can be outstanding!  Plant them where they will get a little afternoon shade and shelter from hot summer winds.  The edges of their leaves will scorch during a hot year. Give them a good soaking every week during the hot and dry parts of summer and fall.  Japanese maples can be pruned from time to time to create interesting shapes or layers.
Good places to shop for Japanese Maples are:
Millcreek Gardens
Western Gardens
Valley Nursery

Japanese Maple in the Spring with Iris

Japanese Maples 

Japanese Maples - Brilliant Summer Color

Small Japanese Maple in Waterwise Garden:  with Miscanthus, Lavender and Roses

Japanese Maple - Accent Plant

Several Different Japanese Maples, Working Together!

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