Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rubber Rabbit Brush - A Utah Favorite!

Have you noticed a shrub with mustard-yellow flowers blooming in the foothills and along the roadsides?  It is Rubber Rabbit Brush (Chrysothamnus nauseosus).  From a distance (and when it's not blooming) it looks like sagebrush.  But starting in Late August and September, it produces bright yellow flowers atop it's dusty sage-colored foliage.  A native to the intermountain West, Rabbit Brush  requires no extra water and can be grown easily in home landscapes with other low-water natives.  It can get 3 or 4 feet tall so give it plenty of room.  It's flowers attract bees!
Rubber Rabbit Brush - Chrysothamnus nauseosus 
Rubber Rabbit Brush - Chrysothamnus nauseosus


  1. We love rabbit brush - but the squash and pumpkins that grew where you took it out are pretty good also!

    1. Your squash were gorgeous when I saw them last! Have you eaten them or are they just for decoration?