Thursday, May 29, 2014

Can I Grow Strawberries in Utah?

Oh, yes!  Strawberries can be grown in Utah!  In fact, Pleasant Grove Utah still hosts an annual "Strawberry Days" festival every June.  Even though strawberries are no longer grown there commercially, the tradition lives on.
I have never grown strawberries however my friend has and I have observed them (and tasted them!) over the years.  They are delicious!
The main problem with growing strawberries is harvesting them before the birds get them!  You will want to purchase some bird netting to keep them away from the ripening berries.
Also, when the berries are ripening and getting heavier, they sometimes touch the ground where moisture and bugs can get access to them, causing damage and rot.  Some kind of mulch (like fresh straw) will keep the berries off the bare soil.
There are June-bearing varieties and ever-bearing varieties.  It seems as though the June-bearing might be best for our climate as our summers are too hot for the ever-bearing.
Here is a link to an article from Utah State University Extension about growing strawberries.
Strawberries growing in Utah

Strawberry Flower


  1. Hi Katy,
    How about growing blueberries in Utah? I've got a good experiment going where I put the bushes in 1/2 barrel and filled it with peat moss. Feeding them acid food and they are doing great!

  2. I have tried growing strawberries. I bought 3 plants a couple years ago and never once got any strawberries, yes a few flowers but no strawberries. What am I doing wrong ?

    1. If you got flowers and no strawberries as a result it could be a lack of access for honey bees and other pollinators, there are some pesticides that will drive away or outright kill honey bees (a bad thing).

  3. I've moved here from the Midwest which has completely different issues in gardening. I want to grow as much food on my 1/4 acre lot as possible with a pleasing landscape design. We've planted the fruit trees, now we need to learn about berries, best vegetable varieties, best soil mixes, (our native soil is worthless salty clay) best way to water (tapping into existing sprinkler system) etc.

    1. Thanks, Beth, for your comment. Sounds like you have a great project! You might want to contact Utah State University Extension in your county to find out how to grow specific crops in your area. They can help you get a soil text to find out how to best amend for the things you want to grow. Good Luck!

  4. Is it possible to grow strawberries in the Salt Lake area in vertical planting boxes and have them make it through the winter?