Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fennel - A Drought-Tolerant Herb For Utah!

Fennel Plants - Waterwise Herbs for Utah
 There are quite a few perennial herbs that are water wise and will grow well in Utah.  Fennel is a favorite for its ferny foliage and yellow flower heads in early summer.  Aside from being an awesome culinary herb (seeds used for Indian cooking, sausages, on pizza or in pickling;  foliage for flavoring salads or tea), fennel is an excellent ornamental plant for a spot where you need some height and greenery.  It's also a must-have for a butterfly garden.  Native to the Mediterranean region, fennel can withstand drought and heat when grown on the Wasatch Front.  It dies back in the winter but returns in the spring.  Here are some things to know about growing fennel:
 * It will re-seed readily if some of the flower stalks are left on the plant in the fall.  I see this as a good thing, but just know that it might sprout up all over.  It's easy to pull out if it gets out of hand.
 * Harvest fennel foliage anytime.  Harvest fennel seeds when they are green and plump.
 * Fennel attracts pollinators, ladybugs and is a host plant for butterflies!
 * Regular fennel is grown for the seeds and foliage.  Florence fennel is the variety that is grown for the bulb that is used as a vegetable.
Here is a link for more info on fennel.
Fennel Grows Well In Utah!

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