Monday, October 5, 2015

Ornamental Peppers - Heat-tolerant and Water-wise In Utah!

Ornamental peppers are grown as annuals in Utah, just like the peppers we grow in our vegetable gardens.  Ornamental peppers are edible, but they are not grown to be eaten.  They are grown for their beauty;  colorful peppers and green or black foliage.  Star performers of the fall garden, ornamental peppers are tolerant of very hot sunny conditions and they only need a good soaking once a week during the hottest parts of summer. Plant them with fall-blooming mums for excellent color right up until the first frost.
ornamental pepper "Black Pearl" - water wise in Utah

ornamental pepper "Black Pearl" - perfect for a fall garden in Utah

Ornamental Peppers - colorful and water wise in Utah

Ornamental Peppers provide color to the fall water wise garden in Utah

Ornamental Peppers - heat-tolerant and water wise in Utah

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