Sunday, June 5, 2016

Harvesting Strawberries!

Last year I planted some strawberry plants in the garden.  I had never grown them before.  I chose a variety called "Fort Laramie" because I overheard a woman at the local plant nursery talking about them.  She said they are the best strawberries she has ever grown.  Good enough for me!  So I bought some plants, planted them and tended them all summer.
This spring they emerged and produced  a lot of leaves and, lately, a lot of flowers.  Today I decided to go take a look and put the bird netting over the plants so the robins don't get the berries when they ripen.  Much to my surprise and delight, I found ripe strawberries!!  Not enough to make jam but certainly enough to eat for breakfast for the next few days!  I researched "Fort Laramie" strawberries and they are an everbearing variety so hopefully I'll get some good handfuls here and there all summer.  Yay!!! . . . . here's an article from Utah State University about growing strawberries .
homegrown strawberries in Utah

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