Monday, October 24, 2016

Zauschneria garrettii (Hummingbird Trumpet) - Fall Blooming Perennial - Perfect For Xeriscape In Utah!

Zauschneria garrettii - Utah

 Zauschneria or Hummingbird Trumpet is an excellent low-growing perennial for water wise gardens.  It flowers in late summer and fall and provides food for hummingbirds and pollinators.  Native to the Intermountain West (It can even be found growing wild in Albion Basin, Alta, Utah) and California, Zauschneria does very well in the hot, dry climate of Utah and can withstand the extremes of summer and winter.  Once established, this plant doesn't need any extra water other than what falls out of the sky!  Plant it in your xeriscaped hummingbird garden for late season fiery color!  It is a great companion to Nepeta (catmint), Agastache (hyssop) and Russian Sage.
Zauschneria - Fall flowering perennial for xeriscape

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