Tuesday, March 28, 2017

When Can I Plant Beets in Utah?

Beets grow well in Utah.  In fact, they were grown commercially here for many decades.  The Utah sugar industry was based on locally grown and processed sugar beets.  The history of sugar production in Utah and Idaho is interesting, but way too long and involved to discuss in this blog post.
The beets we enjoy growing in our home gardens are nothing like sugar beets (big, gnarly white beets).  There are wonderful red and orange and striped varieties that are small, tender and sweet - perfect for cooking and canning.  Some excellent beet varieties are:  bull's blood, chioggia, Detroit dark red and golden boy.  And beet greens are edible, too!
Beets can be planted in late March and early April.  They work best when planted by seed directly into the garden.   Succession planting is a good idea if you want to harvest over a longer period of time in the summer.
beets grow well in Utah - plant them in April


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