Monday, April 10, 2017

Ephedra viridis - Green Mormon Tea - Excellent Utah Native Plant For Xeriscape!

This Utah native shrub is a great choice for a water wise landscape - it requires no water other than what falls from the sky!  Green Mormon Tea, or Brigham Tea (Ephedra viridis) is a smallish green shrub found in the wild all over the West and Southwest.  The common name comes from the fact that the Mormon settlers of Utah used it to make tea.  Ephedra plants are available at local nurseries that carry native plants.  Plant in a hot sunny area of the xeric garden and please don't give it extra water or soil amendments or fertilizers.  Like many Utah native plants, Ephedra thrives in harsh conditions and will not survive if given too many nutrients or water.
Ephedra viridis - Green Mormon Tea - excellent xeriscape plant

Ephedra viridis - Green Mormon Tea;  Utah Native Plant


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  3. Hello! I am a PhD student from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor who is researching the bioactive potential of E. viridis in Dr. Roland Kersten's lab. We are currently in need of several kilograms of E. viridis to continue with purifying certain compounds in this plant. It would be great to get in contact to discuss how/where I can acquire ~5kg of plant material, some logistics, and answer any questions you may have. Thanks!