Friday, November 10, 2017

Lazy Fall Clean-Up . . . Leave It For The Birds!

I didn't get around to deadheading or cutting back one of my perennial beds this fall.  I have noticed a lot of birds hanging around in there . . .  in the now-dried-out seed heads of the echinacea, agastache, larkspur, lavender, jupiter's beard and veronica.  They also seem to enjoy gathering in the butterfly bush nearby.  So I have decided to leave it all for the spring - let the birds have it as a source of food and shelter this winter.
The Habitat Network is promoting this idea of providing habitat for wildlife in our backyards.  You can visit their website and take the pledge to be a lazy gardener!
Echinacea Seed Heads - food for the birds!

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  1. That is really a good idea. I was thinking of clearing up my back yard soon too. Will leave the plants for the birds for now.