Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Will Dahlias Grow In Utah?

Oh, yes!  Dahlias will grow in Utah!   They are among the showstoppers of the late summer and fall flower garden.  And if you like to cut flowers and bring them in the house for bouquets, dahlias are some of your best friends.   You do need to plan ahead if you want to grow dahlias.  They are planted as tubers (kind of like bulbs, but a little different) in late April or early May.  When the warm weather of summer arrives, the plants will sprout out of the ground and grow.  There are hundreds of varieties of dahlias, ranging widely in height, flower size, color and shape.   They benefit from full sun, compost, regular deep watering and staking.   In the spring, find dahlia tubers at your local garden center or send for them online.  Some great sources are Arrowhead Dahlias, Clearview Dahlias and Longfield Gardens.   Two of my new favorites that I grew this year are 'Cafe au Lait' and 'Thomas Edison'.  The colors are extraordinary and I often find myself staring at them in disbelief.

Dahlia 'Thomas Edison'

Dahlia 'Cafe au Lait'


  1. Katy, your dahlias are GORGEOUS! I love in Ogden and want to plant my own. I'm hesitant to plant them if they will need to be dug up every fall and replanted every spring. Are you in Northern Utah and if so, have you tried leaving them in the ground over the winter and had successful re-emergence?
    TIA for any advice!

  2. I’d also love to know the answer!

  3. I would love to see an answer to this as well!