Monday, May 31, 2021

How Often Should I Water My Lawn In Utah?

 In Utah, the lawn needs to be watered only twice or three times per week.  Nothing in the home landscape, including the grass, ever needs to be watered every day.   

 - In May and early June, twice a week is enough.  

 - From the middle of June through August you can water your lawn three times a week.  

 - The duration of each watering should be between 20 and 30 minutes.  If you get a rainstorm that drops  more that a half or three quarters of an inch of rain, you can turn of your sprinklers for a day or two and save some landscape water and money.

The lawn never needs to be watered every day.  It's bad for the lawn as it can create turf-grass disease problems.  It is also a huge waste of water. 

Never Water The Lawn Every Day
In Utah

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  1. We just got new sod in mid-May and I'm trying to conserve water, but also don't want my grass to die... I'd love some expert advice to a novice on my sodded grass.

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