Sunday, June 13, 2021

Can I Grow Lavender In Utah? Is it Drought Tolerant?

 Yes, English Lavender will grow in Utah.  This fragrant Mediterranean plant is hardy and water-wise in most of Utah except high elevations.  It will thrive in full or part sun and it doesn't need fancy soil.  Lavender doesn't need water at all during spring or fall.  During the hot parts of summer (mid June through August) you can give it a deep soaking every 7 to 10 days.  Other plants that have the same sun and water needs are gaura, echinacea, yarrow and catmint.  Plant a group of lavenders together to make a statement and a pool of color or plant them with these other perennials for some variety.  With deadheading, these drought-tolerant perennials will bloom all summer and fall.  Your pollinator friends will thank you!

lavender is drought-tolerant hardy in Utah!

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