Saturday, July 31, 2021

Waterwise And Drought-Tolerant Shrubs For Utah

 This drought is really setting in and landscapes in Utah are suffering.  Many locations are experiencing restrictions on landscape water.  I some areas, we are being asked to water only twice a week.  Here is a list of waterwise shrubs that will thrive in Utah. These shrubs will require only a moderate amount of water (deep soaking every 7 to 10 days from mid June to late August, no water spring and fall).  However, they will need extra water when planted and for a few weeks after so that the roots can become established.  Here is the list:

larger shrubs:

hedge rose, shrub rose

rose of sharon


butterfly bush

pinyon pine

smaller shrubs:

oak-leaf hydrangea (afternoon and evening shade)


gro-low sumac

Caryopteris (Blue Mist Spirea)

Oregon grape

rose and miniature rose 


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  1. How are these plants as far as natives and invasives are conserned?