Friday, February 11, 2022

The Third Principle Of Xeriscape - Practical Turf Grass Lawn Areas

 This doesn't mean you need to remove ALL of your turf grass lawn.  Although, you certainly can.  Turf has it's place.  Take some time to look around your yard and decide where the lawn is useful and where it is not.  Maybe break it down like this:

Good places to have turf:

- play areas for kids and dogs

- areas for entertaining;  people can sit on lawn or play games like croquet, volleyball and badminton

- areas where it will get some shade in the afternoon or evening

- high foot traffic areas like side yard paths, the place the mail carrier walks or along the sides of the driveway; turf grass can tolerate foot traffic

Bad places to have turf:

 - the parking strip;  that area between the front sidewalk and the curb-and-gutter on the street.  You don't need grass here.  But you will need places for people to step when getting out of a car, like pavers or flat stepping stones.

 - outer edges of the property where nobody goes.  You can rein in the lawn and plant patches of water wise shrubs, ornamental grasses and perennials -   Less inputs, less water, less maintenance

- hot areas that get full sun all day, southwest facing slopes, places next to hardscape that gets afternoon sun blast.  Opt for heat tolerant shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses or ground covers here. . .

we can enjoy turf grass in practical and appropriate places within xeriscape

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