Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Time To Order Garlic For Fall Planting!

It's not quite time to plant garlic, but it is time to order it.  If you wait, sources might be sold out.  There are two types of garlic: softneck and hardneck.  Either will grow here in Utah;  the hardneck are a little more hardy in colder climates.  The best time to plant is in mid October.  It's easy to do - just break apart the bulb into cloves and plant the cloves 8 inches apart, about 4 or 5 inches deep.  The flat end goes down and the pointy end goes up.  Then, winter will come.  And then spring.  In March or April, you will see green garlic shoots coming up!  The garlic is ready to harvest around the end of June or the first part of July - when the green tops start to turn brown.  Dry garlic in a warm dry place, like the garage, for a few weeks.  Then, cut the tops off and store in dark dry place in the basement.  A basket with airflow is good - not ziploc.  If kept dry, garlic will last all winter.
Garlic Sources (for planting):
Green Mountain Garlic
Territorial Seed Company
Sandhill Farms - located in Utah!
Home Grown Garlic!

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