Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Catalogs For Seeds And Plants

It seems like this winter has been particularly cold so far - at least here in Utah it has.  Luckily there are little bursts of warmth, color and sunshine that arrive in the mailbox every few days.  Seed catalogs are gifts that start showing up just after the solstice to remind us that winter won't last forever.
Catalogs are a great resource for learning about gardening.  There is usually a lot of helpful information in the descriptions of the seeds and plants.  Most catalogs include some useful "how to" blurbs as well.   I just like to look at the pictures.
Here are a few of my favorites.  You can go to the websites and ask them to send a print version of their catalog:

Botanical Interests is an excellent source for organic vegetable seeds.
Seed Savers Exchange is another great catalog for heirloom seeds.
Seeds of Change provides organic heirloom seeds for herbs and vegetables.
Territorial Seed Company is a catalog that has everything you need for gardening!
The Cook's Garden provides seeds and plants for gourmet gardeners.
And one of my favorite catalogs for waterwise plants is from High Country Gardens.  This catalog is loaded with information about drought tolerant plants and xeric gardening.  A "must have" for gardeners in the West.

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