Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Harvesting Parsnips

It's a good thing we weren't counting on parsnips for Christmas dinner!  I forgot to harvest them!  So,  I went to the community garden last week to see if I could find them.  The garden was fast asleep under a blanket of snow.  I brushed off of the place in my plot where the parsnips were supposed to be.  When I dug them up, I was disappointed at how small the were.  However, they tasted great, roasted with other root vegetables.  This year I will try parsnips again, but I think I have too many wood chips in the soil still.   I will add a lot of compost and manure in the early spring to break them down.  I hope this will help.

The Historic Sandy Community Garden In Winter

Historic Sandy Community Garden in January 2013

Digging Parsnips in Winter - I Got One!

Parsnip Harvest, January 2013

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