Monday, April 8, 2013

Can I Grow Asparagus In Utah?

Asparagus does very well in Utah!  It can be found growing wild on ditch banks in many places on the Wasatch Front.  Asparagus likes ditch banks because it has a constant water source.  It can also be easily grown in home gardens as a perennial vegetable.
After we bought our house, every spring I considered planting asparagus.  So I would do a little research only to be reminded that I wouldn't be able to harvest any asparagus for 2 or 3 years!  This was discouraging, so I would abandon the idea every year.  After several years of this, I realized that I could have had asparagus by then had I planted it and had the patience to wait for the right time to harvest it.  I planted one small row of about 12 asparagus crowns.  During the third spring I began to harvest it.  Now, several years later, we get about 6 or 8 servings of asparagus each spring - that is if I don't eat it as I pick it!!
April is the time to plant asparagus in Utah.  You can purchase the little starts (crowns) at your local garden center - usually for a limited time in mid-spring.  Be sure to plant the crowns correctly and give them plenty of good compost and organic fertilizer.  Here is some good information about growing asparagus.
Growing Asparugus in Utah!

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  1. I've done the same thing and now I'm finally planting.