Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Are Hostas Drought Tolerant in Utah?

Yes!  Hostas are an excellent choice for a waterwise shade garden in Utah!  They are hardy perennials and only need extra water during the hot and dry times of summer - June to August.  Hostas are available in a wide range of colors;  dark green, light green, chartreuse and variegated.  They range in size from tiny (6 inches tall) to huge (2 and 3 feet tall and wide).  Hostas can tolerate some morning sun but they will suffer leaf scorch if they get too much hot afternoon sun.  They will thrive in total shade.  Plant them with other shade-loving waterwise plants like Heucheras and Lambs Ears.  Contrasting foliage in shade can be stunning!
The only concern with Hostas is snails.  Snails and slugs will come from miles around to devour Hostas, so a little organic snail bait is recommended.  Or go out at night with a flashlight and remove the snails by hand.
Hostas are drought-tolerant in shade in Utah!


  1. Oooh, hostas! I've got a bunch of them planted on my backyard garden and they're thriving. What's really nice about them is they're very waterwise too. However, that wasn't the case when I first tried them out. I placed them in a corner where it received a lot of direct sunlight, and of course they scorched. That just goes to show how important it is to research before you sow. Haha! Anyway, I do hope everything's well with your garden.

    Lorenza Coon @ Central Basin

  2. I have a hosts plant in a pot in my porch. It's still small, but I'm wondering if it will survive the winter outside or if I should bring it inside my house until the spring? Thanks!