Friday, July 25, 2014

Annuals For Summer Color

I recently visited the gardens at Temple Square and the LDS Church Office Building Plaza in downtown Salt Lake City.  The garden beds are bursting with amazing displays of annuals.  The color combinations are fantastic and I had to sit down often because the beauty made me dizzy.
I am a big fan of perennials (plants that come back every year).  However, I also like to plant some annuals (plants that only live for one growing season)  to create some extra color for the whole summer.  Some annuals are waterwise and can do well with a good soaking only once a week.  Nasturtiums, marigolds, california poppies, calendula and bachelor's buttons, to name a few.  Most annuals need a little more water than that.  Zonal Geraniums, petunias, impatiens and zinnias need water every other day or every third day during Utah's hot months of July and August.
If you plant annuals that need more water than the rest of your garden, plant them in pots or small areas near the porch or patio, not in the waterwise perennial bed.  This way you can hand water them when they need it, and they will be close enough to enjoy!
beds of annuals at Temple Square in Salt Lake City

petunias, zinnias, annual vinca, ageratum, marigolds, allysum - awesome color!

impatiens - perfect annual for shade

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