Thursday, June 29, 2017

Will Hydrangeas Grow In Utah?

Yes, they will!  Hardy Hydrangeas are excellent summer-flowering shrubs.  They do best in part shade or afternoon shade and they like rich soil - lots of compost.  Add a new layer of compost and mulch every year.  One of the best choices for our area is the Oak Leaf Hydrangea and it comes in several varieties - several flower colors.  Here's a nice Oakleaf Hydrangea I spotted last summer in the Salt Lake area:
Oak Leaf Hydrangea grows in Utah!

  I have noticed other Hydrangeas around the Salt Lake City area that are well established, blooming and looking awesome.  Unfortunately, it's difficult to know the exact varieties.  Yesterday,  I was driving around the east side of salt lake and I saw this long hedge of pink and blue flowering Hydrangeas.  It was absolutely stunning:
Hydrangeas grow in Utah!


  1. I want to know is there any health benefit of this shrub Hydrangeas. If yes,then please share the benefits with all of us.I will be waiting for your reply.

  2. Do you remember where in salt lake that you saw these pink and blue hydrangeas??

  3. I want to plant hydrangeas now as the supply is good for BOBO and Zinfin Doll, but is it better to wait until September or spring to plant? Also we are having problems with caterpillars and grasshoppers for the first time in years. They are attacking some plants and not others. Wait until spring? It's sad to see big sections beautifully prepared bare spaces waiting for planting that won't be used this year if we wait.
    Thanks, this is so nice. The green house is eager to sell and I want to buy . . BUT I could use another opinion. Merilyn/google

    1. I just bought a couple of cold hardy Hydrangea at Glover Nursery..I hope I can read enough to keep them alive.

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