Sunday, September 3, 2017

Tomato Harvest 2017! Time for pico de gallo!

September is here and the tomato harvest is ON.  This year I only grew one tomato plant, but it just keeps cranking out big ripe tomatoes!  A friend gave me a bunch of heirloom tomatoes, too.  I'll be making my favorite salsa today:

Pico de Gallo:

chopped fresh tomatoes
chopped onion
chopped cilantro
chopped jalapeno (and serano, if you like it hot)
lime juice and salt

  Maybe the super hot summer made for a bumper crop this year!
heirloom tomatoes - Utah harvest!

Utah tomato harvest - 2017


  1. Tomato is the most important vegetable which is used in like almost every dish to make its taste better. Thanks for sharing this post on your blog.

  2. These are such beautiful tomatoes. I think I should start harvesting my own tomatoes as well because I'm tired of buying tiny tomatoes from the market.