Thursday, December 21, 2017

Top 5 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts For Gardeners

The Holidays are upon us!  If you have gardeners in your life then you know they love to receive gifts related to their favorite hobby.  The options are endless but I have picked out 5 top last-minute gifts for gardeners for this 2017 Holiday Season.  Here we go!

1.  Gift Certificates - for plants from your local independent garden center:  If you purchase a gift certificate for your gardener, you will automatically extend the Holidays into next spring.  Because every gardener will agree that going to the local nursery to buy plants is a little bit like Christmas Morning.  You can't go wrong here and supporting your independent garden center (during December when their revenue is low) is always a good thing to do.

2.  Long Tail t-shirts from Duluth Trading Co:  Ok, these shirts are awesome because they are a little longer so when you are kneeling or squatting (which you do a lot when gardening) the back doesn't come untucked.  Check out their website for more excellent gardening and work clothes.

3.  Organic Mushroom Farm from Back to the Roots:  This groovy company sells cool things to keep gardeners busy with inside gardening projects like mushroom kits, a water garden and herbs that grow in cans.

4.  Books, Catalogues and Magazines:  During the gardening season, gardeners have things to carry around with them;  tools, bags of mulch, trays of plants, harvested vegetables, etc.   During the winter months, gardeners like to carry around reading material . . . about gardening.  Here are some lists of items you might consider getting to keep you gardener's mind active during the dormant months:

Magazine Subscriptions:
Fine Gardening Magazine
Horticulture Magazine
Rodale's Organic Life

Free Catalogues:
Baker Creek Whole Seed Catalogue
Botanical Interests

Here is a big list of gardening catalogues (with links).

5.  Gardening Tools!  Every gardener loves tools:  pruners, loppers, shovels, pitchforks, etc.  And if you want to go big, there are power tools:  mowers, edgers, hedgers, chainsaws.  My favorite power tool for gardening is a sawzall - reciprocating saw.  It is designed for demolition - cutting things like wallboard and framing.  But I use it for pruning shrubs.  It's perfect for small branches that are too big for the loppers.  I have been known to get a little carried away with the sawzall and cause some garden "demolition".  I think the electric reciprocating saws are better because they have more power so you might want to get a long extension chord to go with it.  Gardening tools can be easily found at your local hardware store.
gardening tools make great gifts!

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