Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Common Misconceptions About Xeriscape

 There are some ideas floating around out there about Xeriscaping that are not true.  Here is a list of some common misconceptions:

- FALSE:  Zeroscape.  Zero water, zero plants, zero lawn, etc.  

                       - true:  There is no such thing as "Zeroscape".  The correct term is "Xeriscape".  It means  we can have the landscape elements we desire as long as we are irrigating efficiently and reducing the size of elements that need a lot of water (like the lawn).  

- FALSE: Rocks and gravel are required for xeriscape.

                      - true:  Xeriscape can include various types of mulch, including wood chips, gravel, rocks, soil, pine needles, compost or leaves.  You can also grow ground cover plants to cover and protect the soil.   Whatever is appropriate for the situation.

 - FALSE:  Xeriscape involves very few plants;  cactus and yucca.

                     - true:  There are literally hundreds of plants you can incorporate into a xeriscape design.  Varieties of waterwise and drought-tolerant plants can be grouped together to create green, lush and flowery xeriscape gardens.  

-FALSE:  Zeroscape means zero maintenance.

                    -true:  Again, it's not zeroscape.  It's xeriscape.  When it comes to gardening and landscaping, there is always maintenance.  The maintenance of a xeriscape is different than a traditional, turf-dominant yard.

- FALSE:  A Xeriscape needs no water.  

                    -  true:  You can create xeriscapes that require no water, but you can also create a xeriscape landscape that has efficient watering zones with varying amounts of water being used.  It's all about being deliberate and efficient in your watering practices. 

Karl Foerster Grass and Pannicum virgatum  - Ornamental Grasses - Xeriscape

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