Sunday, January 16, 2022

The First Principle of Xeriscape is Design

 There are seven principles of Xeriscape.  They were created by the Denver Water Department in the early 1980's.  The first principle is Design.  Some thoughtful planning should go into the design of a water-wise landscape. You may want to consider these things:

 - Efficient water use and method of irrigation:  How will you water?  And how can you water efficiently?

 - Use of landscape:  Do you need some turf grass areas for kids and pets and entertaining?  Can you eliminate turf grass in areas where it is not used, like the parking strip?  Do you need hardscape like patios and sidewalks?

 - Aesthetics:  Are there places where the lawn browns out every summer and could be replaced with something more heat and drought tolerant?  Are there places where you enjoy flowers and greenery? Do you need some space for a vegetable garden and fruit trees?

 - Budget:  Prepare for the expense involved in transitioning your yard into a Xeriscape.  You may want to  estimate the costs of things like irrigation materials, mulch, plants, excavation, hardscape, etc.  

                                roses and catmint - waterwise flowering perennials



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